IV Infusions help you feel better


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Stress, pollution, antibiotics, poor gut health, genetics, and chronic illness deplete the body of nutrients needed for optimal function. With an IV infusion critical hydration and micronutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream to more abundantly and effectively reach the cells where they can have maximum effect.  LifeFusion supports regular exercise, healthy eating, and using tools that improve your life such as added supplementation through infusions.  Keep moving forward...call us today for a free consult!


Myers Cocktail, NAD+ therapy, Glutathione, Hydration, Migraines Therapy, Improve Fitness/Performance, Boost Energy, & Immune System, Promote Healing, Manage Stress, Improve Illness Recovery, Hair thickness, Brain Health, Weight Management, Helps decrease Chemotherapy side effects, Morning Sickness, Altitude Sickness, Improve Workout Recovery, & Hangover Recovery.

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IV Infusion ketamine
IV Infusions for Anxiety, Depression, or Pain

Customized Medical IV Ketamine Infusions

IV Infusions help you feel good

Text us for a brief free consult usually over the phone or video chat. Infusion appointments are made to minimize contact with other patients but we will get you in quickly.   You usually feel a difference during or within 90 minutes of your infusion.  Adjustments will be made to subsequent infusions as necessary to help you get your desired effect. We will work with you for peak benefit.  Maintenance infusions are given as needed.

We are happy to work closely with your personal physician, psychiatrist or psychologist to help you get the support you need.

Infusion therapy is not a cure; you still need to treat the whole patient.  We encourage good hydration, nutrition, and regular exercise. People are seeing results and notice a difference!  Why not you?



The first step is a brief consult, to choose which infusion therapy is the best choice for you.


Set an appointment for your infusion. Depending on the infusion, it takes 30-90 minutes in office.


We follow up and schedule appointments based on protocol and your desired effects.

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