Used to deliver vitamins, minerals, nutrients and medications directly into the bloodstream for peak absorption.

Vitamin infusions

IV Infusions by-pass the gut so you to get the most out of the nutrients.  Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients support healthy living, energy, the immune system and a stable mood.  These infusions can help decrease pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, and depression.

With physician direction, they are safe, quick, and effective.   

Stabilize your nutrient levels with 4-6 infusions.  We will work with you to choose the optimal spacing between infusions usually 3-6 weeks or more depending on how you feel.

Customized Ketamine Infusions

For Mood or Pain Stabilization

National Health Institute studies have demonstrated ketamine infusion has a short onset time and can quickly provide symptom relief from depression, anxiety, addiction, or pain.

 IV ketamine can provide relief within hours helping when you need it. Many patients then receive some relief from most symptoms in just one or two days of their second infusion.


Intravenous ketamine for subacute treatment of refractory chronic migraine: a case series: The Journal of Headache and Pain Official Journal of the “European Headache Federation” and of “Lifting The Burden – The Global Campaign against Headache”201617:106


Text us to schedule a brief free consult usually over the phone or video chat. Infusion appointments are made to minimize contact with other patients but we will get you in quickly.   With your first infusion we will see how you feel. You usually notice the effects after the first infusion.  Adjustments will be made to subsequent infusions as necessary to help you get your desired effect. It may take 4-6 infusions for peak benefit.  Maintenance infusions are given as needed.

We are happy to work closely with your personal physician, psychiatrist or psychologist to help you get the support you need.

Infusion therapy is not a cure; you still need to treat the whole patient.  People are seeing results and notice a difference!


The first step is a brief consult, to make sure infusion therapy is the best choice for you.


If you’re a good candidate, we’ll do the first infusion. Depending on the infusion, it takes 30-90 minutes in office.


We’ll closely monitor your how you feel as you move forward with more infusions. It may take 4-6 infusions for peak benefit.

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