Detox Infusion Therapy

THE IDEA: Detox? Contaminants enter the lungs through air, enter the gut through the diet, and get absorbed through skin.  Most of  us would benefit from a good detox.

What Does The LF Detox Infusion Contain?

Vitamin C, Vitamin B, NAD+

What Can Detox IV Therapy Do?

Just the stress of life slowly depletes nutrients the body needs to run at an optimal level. Vitamin C and B complex vitamins are powerful antioxidants that help clean up free radicals. NAD+ is an important coenzyme used in many biological reactions. It can help reset the brain and body functions giving an increase in focus, mental clarity, energy and mood. NAD+ can also decrease anxiety.

Cost of LF Detox Infusions

Wellness/Anti-Aging: 2 hours (500ML) $500

Neurogenerative: 4 hours (500ML) $800

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