Major depressive disorder affects millions, and sometimes common treatment options are not enough. Feelings of being down, depressed, or less than others can set in. If you need help getting things back under control, relief from profound feelings of being down or suicidal thoughts, or if your medications don’t seem like they are working as good as you used to, it is time to get a treatment that gets you back on track.

THE COCKTAIL: Tailored IV ketamine

Ketamine infusions can give you an immediate life that can be a real lifesaver.

A support group including family or friends, a psychological provider, a doctor, and even spiritual guidance can really help. Everyone needs a team: absolutely no one gets through life all by themselves. Lifefusion will be a key member of your team.

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Infusions To Aid In Fighting Coronavirus

The best defense against COVID-19 is a strong immune system. Immunity boost and Myers Cocktail can both do wonders to strengthen and improve the immune system.


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