Vastly more beneficial than any sports or energy drink, this blend of amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins will boost your body’s ability to rebuild and hydrate muscle, enhancing endurance and recovery.

Essential Amino Acids
Amino acids like lysine, carnitine, and arginine, help with muscle recovery, regeneration, and tissue structure.
B Complex
Your body needs B vitamins to help metabolize food into energy for the cells.
An amino sulfonic acid that is especially relevant to athletes, taurine provides a boost of energy and stamina.

Perfect For Athletes and Exercisers

Perfect for professional and amateur athletes alike. Getting ready to run a race, or just finished one? This is your IV drip.

Ready to Run

IV therapy provides vital vitamins and nutrients that are fully absorbed by the body.

Muscle Recovery

If you need your muscles in top shape fast, this performance IV drip can get you where you want to go.

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