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IV Therapy and Wellness

LifeFusion infusion nutrients for health

Myers Cocktail

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LifeFusion infusion nutrients for health

Medical Ketamine

LifeFusion infusion nutrients for health

IV Infusions

LifeFusion infusion nutrients for health

Med Spa

LifeFusion infusion nutrients for health


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Stress, pollution, antibiotics, poor gut health, genetics, and chronic illness deplete the body of nutrients it needs for optimal function. With an IV infusion critical hydration and vitamins are delivered in a way they can get to your cells so you feel a difference.  LifeFusion supports regular exercise, healthy eating, and using tools that improve your life!  Keep moving us today for a free consult!

Vitamin Therapy


"The staff at LifeFusion are friendly and result-driven.  We slept so well after our infusion and we woke up feeling good and rested!"

Post Covid Syndrome


"Thank you again for today!  I am feeling really good. Want you to know I felt most of my body aches and pains shifting...about 90% pain free!"

Ketamine Therapy

Patient's Mom

"Her mood has most definitely improved and my husband and I are really excited about the progress she's made so far."

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