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Ketamine Infusion Therapy (KIT):
$300 per ketamine infusion for depression or anxiety
$350 per ketamine infusion for pain

The IDEA: Infusion therapy at the right blood concentration helps reset the connection in the brain, body, and nerves.  This allows your brain and body to have better communication and efficiency.  Ketamine is a powerful pain reliever and inhibits pain signaling. It is also a powerful relaxant so it calms anxiety. Ketamine therapy can give you a renewed sense of control. It can do this in hours instead of weeks with oral medicines.

The PROCESS: You come in and talk to one of our friendly providers while you sit in a comfortable recliner. They will start a small iv in you arm and infuse iv ketamine over 45 minutes.  The iv will be taken out and in 15-30 minutes you will be ready to go home.  Make sure you have a ride because you cannot drive.

LifeFusion does not use oral or intranasal ketamine because only iv ketamine assures the blood ketamine concentration required to get the desired effects in a safe setting.

In small doses, ketamine calms the electrical activity in the brain and nervous tissue helping to provide a RESET. You will have less big swings in emotion and will be able to handle situations that arise more easily.  The goal is to use this time is to take baby steps forward developing more tools to manage life.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy works best with an initial 6 infusions over a few of weeks.  We will work with you and develop a maintenance schedule if you need it.  Patients are having a lot of success.  Call us for a free consult!

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