Life can be very stressful and more people are suffering from anxiety than ever. Conventional therapies including counseling, medication, sedatives may not provide the relief you need.

THE COCKTAIL: Myers Cocktail, NAD+ infusions, or Tailored IV Ketamine

THE GOAL:  Receive an infusion that helps support mood regulation, calms the nerves, or maintains nerve and brain health.

Myers cocktails provide Vitamin D, B-complex, and Magnesium shown to decrease both anxiety and depression.

NAD+ infusions decrease symptoms associated with anxiety, addiction, and depression due to low NAD levels.

Ketamine infusion therapy calms the nervous system allowing you to get some relief and more control. Ketamine can allow your brain to make rational thoughts again and function the way you want.  It may be just what is needed to help worry and stress that is not responding to anything else.


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