THE IDEA: NAD+/Brain Refuel™

Stress, toxins, and aging deplete the store of NAD+ in the body over time.  IV NAD+ is an efficient way to boost the amount of NAD+ in the body so cell metabolism improves.

THE BENEFITS of Increased NAD+:

  • Helps improve mental clarity
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Improves mood
  • Normalizes circadian rhythms for better sleep
  • Protects cells against stress and toxins
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lengthens telomeres fighting against aging
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Mitigates negative withdrawal symptoms to help quit using drugs or alcohol  Addiction Recovery


250mg-500mg NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide+) mixed in 500ml to 1000ML Normal Saline

During your infusion:

You may notice you feel a little drowsy, feel a little flushed, mild chest tightness, tingling in your face, or even a mild stomach ache or muscle pains.  These symptoms are all based on the speed of the infusion and your pre-procedure hydration.  We may need to slow the infusion down.  These symptoms disappear within 30 seconds of decreasing the rate, but they also are what makes the infusion take as long as it does.  We will tailor the infusion and time to you and how you feel.  Most start to feel the benefits within 30 min of finishing the infusion.  After your first NAD+ infusion you may have some of these effects linger a day or two.  This is due to the detoxification effects on your body and you will benefit from staying hydrated and taking a magnesium salt bath.


After your NAD+ IV Infusion you may experience: increased mental clarity & focus, increased energy levels, less pain & inflammation, better metabolism, less anxiety or depression, improved over all mood, faster recovery from injury or exercise, better physical performance or endurance, and you may feel more youthful.

Dr. Craig Koniver Protocol 60-120 min $600

To learn more about this detox infusion therapy and other wellness infusions, text us for a free consult with a LifeFusion Physician.

NAD+ supports a healthy & youthful brain
   Healthy & Youthful

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