Depression and Anxiety are a combined pandemic that is spreading fast so it affects us all.  Common treatment options sometimes are not enough, take too long to work or don't work well.  Ketamine therapy provides another tool to help get you back on track.  Come in for a ketamine infusion and feel the difference.  You will have less mood swings and an increased ability to handle the things life throws at you.  Use this time to make forward progress to deal with life on your terms.

THE COCKTAIL: Tailored IV ketamine Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion provides a mental reset so you have more energy of mind and the ability to process your depression and anxiety.  The goal is to give you relief while you develop other tools and abilities to successfully manage the stress of life.

A support group including family or friends, a therapist, a doctor, and even spiritual guidance can really help. Everyone needs a team: absolutely no one gets through life all by themselves. LifeFusion will be a key member of your team.

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Depression gets better after ketamine inusion

Research   Our patients have given a lot of positive feedback!  They have noticed improved mood, less mood swings, and NOT having such a dramatic response to triggers they encounter.  We have had parents of teenagers tell us their son or daughter are now interacting with the family again.  They will come out for dinner, call friends, and even play games.  We have had college age students that are able to handle the stresses of school and work.  We have had mom's that are able to interact and keep up with their children.  The biggest reward is seeing our patients smile and say, "Thank you!"

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